About Us

MBA Sorting Hat was established with an idea to guide talented individuals achieve their dreams of entering the leading global B Schools in the world. At MBA Sorting Hat, our team of consultants work relentlessly to ensure that you get an edge over others when it comes to your MBA college applications.

Why We Started

Who Are We

We are a group of ISB Hyderabad graduates who have walked in your shoes and we bear testimony to the nuances & essentials of the MBA application process. We work passionately as a team, achieving & delivering to the best of our capabilities to ensure that you succeed.

Our Core Values


We firmly believe in being transparent, honest and objective in our approach. We pride ourselves on carefully crafting your application with our complete and undivided effort which will lead to outstanding outcomes.


We dedicate ourselves to meet the needs of each applicant by providing a plethora of methods and techniques. Customizing our approach while we are focused on doing the best for you, helps us achieve the best possible results.


We believe in empowering you to go after your dreams with our support in order to ensure the your MBA application journey has the best conclusions.

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