Application Help

MBA Sorting Hat is committed to providing a personalized support throughout your application journey. As part of Application Help, we provide the following service:

Profile Evaluation: During this phase, we will get on a call with you to understand your profile – your test scores, your post MBA goals, your work experience and the schools that you are looking at. The duration of this call would be around 45 minutes to 1 Hour.

Application Essays – After gaining insights into your profile. we will discuss about the application process. This stage would entail three calls with our admission consultants.

The first call would discuss the approach to essays mainly focusing on the essay writing process and how to structure your thoughts. Post the initial discussion, you’d write the first draft of the essays and share it with us. We will promptly provide comments and feedback on your first draft which will be done over the second call to discuss the feedback. After incorporating the first set of comments into your essay, we will review this again, followed by third call to discuss feedback after which we will arrive at the final version of your essay.

Kindly note that we would NOT be writing essays on your behalf. We would like to tell your story in your own words as that adds more impact to your application. Your style of writing and way of expressing is many times validated in the interview.

Each of the calls will last about 45 minutes – 1 hour.