B-School Sorting Tool

From a pool of top MBA schools in the world, its very difficult to pick the best ones for you. Having a scatter gun approach and applying to all schools can burn a hole in your wallet and leave you with the monumental task of tweaking your applications precisely for each school. An initial filtering at this stage will go a long way in streamlining your application journey. Introducing our B – School Sorting Tool which leverages analytics and data models that will help you select the best schools that suit your profile and drastically increase your chances of getting an interview call.

Why Use the B – School Sorting Tool?

Streamline Your Efforts

The results of this tool ensures that you optimize your efforts in areas that give you a better chance of achieving success

Leverage Data Analytics

We have used years of admission data from top Schools around the world to accurately predict chances of acceptance

Beat Your Competition

Your measured approach of selective application with higher probability of acceptance beats your clueless peers