Interview Prep

The last and probably the most daunting hurdle that you need to cross in order to get to kick start your MBA journey. This step is designed for the School’s admission committee to evaluate you in person and gauge if you are what you say you are in your applications and will be able to add considerable value to the School both as a student and as a proud alumni.

To help you navigate through this tricky last mile, we offer our Interview Prep Service both as a stand alone service and as combo with our Application Help Service.

As a first step, we will familiarize the candidate with the interview process of the particular school. This will entail everything from the kind of questions you can expect to the kind of answers that will make you stand out. The initial details will be communicated via an email.

We believe in an hands on approach to learning and delivery. After the familiarization phase, we will have an hour long mock interview with the candidate to test them in the actual interview setting.

This will be followed by a feedback session where we will focus on what went well and what can be improved. The valuable feedback coupled with having gone through the process once in a formal setting makes the candidate prepare better to tackle things on the D day.

After the first feedback session, we go through this process again and this time, suggest minor tweaks to the candidate’s overall approach and content after which we believe that the end result will ensure that the candidate aces the interview and begins their glorious MBA journey.